20/03/2020Từ San pham Siphonic (EN)

HICON M&E provides training programs that are right for you and your company. We are happy to discuss the training requirements with you.

We have a great deal of knowledge covering the areas of expertise needed.

Some topics we can provide include:

  • Introduction to siphonic drainage
  • Siphonic drainage history
  • Understand the hydraulic principles of Gravity Drainage
  • Understand the hydraulic principles of Siphonic Drainage
  • Introduction to the published standards
  • Explain how a siphonic drainage works
  • Hydraulic parameters will be met in HydroTechnic analysis design program
    (to comply with local standards)
  • Practical training on the use of HydroTechnic analytical design program
  • Piping details – right and wrong
  • Calculation of overflow discharge according to rainfall