With the desire to provide the best and long-term care to customers, the Maintenance & Service Division is established and operated by experienced, technically knowledgeable technicians. at leading domestic and international corporations in the field of operation and maintenance of electromechanical. Based on the core foundation of a professional system of technical operation and maintenance, by skilled engineers who have dealt with the most difficult and complicated technical incidents in leading buildings and factories in Vietnam. Nam as ABE Factory (Japan), SD Factory (Japan), Gas Station IQ8 Idemitsu, All Song Hong Garment Factory, Department of Military Medicine, … With that strength, HICON M&E is always proactively planning and consulting customers. the preservation of the value of buildings as well as infrastructure through maintenance, prevention, timely recommendations, limiting damage, degradation, …

Benefits of regular maintenance of electromechanical systems

Energy saving from 5-20%
Reduce the amount of waste, thereby increasing the life and quality of machinery and equipment
Improving fire safety indicators, ensuring environmental sanitation, improving the health of workers thereby improving labor productivity, product quality …
Service maintenance, mechanical repair, technical advice

HICON M&E is the leading professional M&E service contractor in Vietnam, with a team of experienced experts combined with skilled technicians, modern equipment, quality management process systems according to ISO 9001: 2015 and safety, health and occupation ISO 45000: 2018.

We provide on-demand services or advice and organize periodic inspections of the operating status of the device, detect abnormalities early, recommend and promptly process, store all the information available. relating to long-term handling, fixing incidents accurately, quickly and promptly. The fields of maintenance, repair, M&E services provided by HICON M&E include:

  • Medium voltage electrical system, transformer
  • Low voltage system
  • Backup power system: generator, UPS
  • Fire protection system
  • Grounding system for lightning protection
  • Central air-conditioning system (Chiller, AHU, PAU, VRV, VRF, Cooling Tower, Pump …)
  • Local air-conditioning system, ventilation system
  • Light electrical system: CCTV, BMS, PA, Access control …
  • Water supply and drainage system

With strong experience and resources both in human resources, finance, equipment, HICON M&E will apply the most modern and modern mechanical and electrical maintenance, mechanical repair and technical consultancy services. , equivalent to international standards right in Vietnam. In addition, HICON M&E also provides M&E construction services at leading, reputable and professional constructions, buildings, factories … in Vietnam.

Maintenance of HICON M&E M&E system includes the following items:
Prevention: Conduct a thorough inspection of all types of machinery and equipment in the building to update quality and early detect problems damaged, degraded to timely guide specific handling, prevent damage. Human and property damage may occur.
Fix: Based on the information on the breakdown index, degradation of machinery and equipment, HICON M&E will make a routine maintenance and repair plan to fix them optimally and effectively.

Maintenance process of HICON M&E M&E system
1. Survey: Conducting checking and collecting information and data on technical parameters of equipment and machines

2. Suggestion of remedial measures: Through a preliminary survey of the current situation, HICON M&E will issue a plan for maintenance and repair of electromechanical systems to overcome and prevent possible dangerous risks. happening.

3. Implementation: After obtaining the agreement of the partner, HICON M&E proceeds to repair and repair the M&E system according to the predefined plan.

4. Checking and checking: Once completed, HICON M&E will work with you to re-check the quality of the work performed again.

5. Customer care: Periodically there will be staff contact to evaluate your satisfaction as well as solve problems arising, backlog occurs to timely support and overcome.

* HICON M&E operates under the following criteria: “Providing affordable home repair services with great quality”. Our commitment:
✅ Always ready to serve you at any time of the week. On-site, direct, prompt and timely service at each household, building and project.

✅ Professional and experienced staff

✅ Using advanced and modern tools and techniques according to international standards.

✅ Cost savings: HICON M&E is committed to providing you with an efficient service package with the most competitive price.

✅ Periodic care and resolve problems encountered after using the service.