25/08/2022Từ Tin noi bat (EN), Gioi thieu Siphonic (EN)

One of the popular and effective applications of the Siphonic rainwater drainage system in terms of technical and economic efficiency in the works, it is applied to warehouses and factories with roof design. Folding requires a storm drain between the factory.

In the past, when the siphonic system was not known and popular as it is today, the projects with folding roof designs mostly used the traditional rainwater drainage system with large pipes running down the middle of the factory along the columns connected to each other. available structure.

(the rainwater drainage system between the house according to the traditional method)

The traditional rainwater drainage system has many disadvantages such as:

  1. Affects the structure of the foundation, may cause subsidence in the future.
  2. The large cost of excavation and backfilling of the foundation pipeline, complicated construction affects the project progress.
  3. Manholes must be designed in the middle of the house and there is a risk of overflowing the manhole water to the ground when it is clogged or unable to escape in time.
  4. The volume of pipes used in this system is very large, occupying the workshop space at risk of impact during operation.

However, with the use of Siphonic system, we have completely solved the inadequacies of the above traditional rainwater drainage system. With unique technology application, Siphonic system offers optimal solutions such as:

  1. Reduce the volume and size of pipes (accelerate construction progress).
  2. Eliminate underground pipelines, manholes, trenching, leveling,… (Reducing costs and speeding up progress).
  3. Overhead pipeline, no slope, does not affect the use space.
  4. Self-cleaning ability, preventing clogging due to 10 times faster flow rate.
  5. Flexible control of water discharge position, can be collected and served: Lawn irrigation, road washing… (green building).

(Rainwater drainage system between houses applying Siphonic technology)

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