Along with the development of the country, the construction industry is growing strongly and there will be more and more presence of large works that require the quality of M&E standard.

Founded with the mission to meet the increasing demands in the field of engineering, M&E works and services of customers, HICON Electrical and Maintenance Joint Stock Company (HICON M&E) has been pursuing the main quality management policy constantly improved to take one step further on the path of optimizing design solutions and construction management.

HICON M&E provides services, Design Consultancy, Appraisal, Construction and Acceptance of M&E works including:

1. Electrical System:  2. ELV System: 
HV, Transformer systems Building Management System (BMS)
Earthing, lightning systems Security system: Access Control, CCTV
Generator, UPS,.. systems Public Address (PA)
LV system: Distribution Board, Main Feeder, Busway LAN, Telephone
Power Socket, Lighting systems CATV
3. HVAC system: 4. Plumbing system:
Central Air-Conditioning: Chiller, AHU, FCU, VRV Domestic water supply system
Split Air-Conditioning Heatpump system
Air-Conditing, Ventilation for Clean Room Water supply for Swimming pool
Cooling Tower system Drainage, Rain water system
Ventilation, Cooling Pad systems Waste Water Treatment
Pressurenization Ventilation system
5. Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm systems: 6. Other M&E system: 
Fire Extinguishing, Sprinkler, Drencher Compressor system
FM200 system Boiler system
Fire Alarm system Gas system
Emergency, exit systems

We understand that each project is the enthusiasm and money of the investors and we are very proud to have contributed to helping investors put the project into operation on schedule, ensuring effective quality. Always working with the slogan “Tomorrow start from today”, HICON M&E is committed to the parallel, cooperation and high quality work to bring success to customers.