08/01/2020Từ Hicon Hydromax (EN)

HydroMax are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Siphonic Roof Drainage systems – Technology that offers many Technical and Commerical benefits.

Hicon M&E is a professional Contractor in the design and construction of M&E systems and the exclusive representative of Hydromax products in Vietnam.

HydroMax has been developed and Independently tested to comply with the World’s leading siphonic drainage standards, including:

BS EN 12056-3:2000 (UK & Europe)

ASME/ANSI A112.6.9:2005 (USA)

SS525:2006 (Singapore)

BS 8490:2007 (UK)

ASPE /ANSI Technical Design Standard 45:2013 (USA)

Being independently tested and in full compliance with the performance requirements of the above standards Hicon HydroMax™ offers our Partners, Customers, Main Contractors and end user clients the Peace of Mind that they have procured the Ultimate Siphonic Roof Drainage Solution. 

By this constant evolution the Company has driven forward to the forefront of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of Siphonic Drainage Technology systems.

In addition to the above is the potential of producing cost savings of up to 45% as well as improving the overall Construction build schedule.

Hicon M&E with a rich technical team, local knowledge and training, inheriting experience from Hydromax – has provided solutions for installing Siphonic systems worldwide. We are confident to provide the best service solutions for any project: Airport, stadium, Factory, commercial center, building, … and for all local areas.

Services provided:

    • Design consulting, product selection calculations.
    • Provide a full range of products, equipment and supplies.
    • Construction and installation at the scene.
    • Warranty, repair, repair immediately upon request.


Quality and Peace of Mind are the standards that are afforded to all our clients.