06/11/2018Từ Tin noi bo (EN)

Since the beginning of the year, there have been hundreds of large and small explosions and fires all over the country, which caused person and property damages. With dry weather in the end of the year, the fires and explosions are more complex.

Aware of the danger of “fire enemy” might cause in the construction sites, H.S.E department together with departments, the teams across the company check out warehouses, items and equipments … to prevent the risk of fire, explosions every year.

At the same time, many solutions in emergency situations have been given such as: flood disaster prevention, fire prevention and first aid for victims … to equip employees the basic skills as well as knowledge of handling cases. So that if bad situations happen the damage will be limited both in people and property.

Below are  hypothetical situations “fires and explosions prevention and first aid ” rehearsed by H.S.E Department together with Site Management Boards at the company construction works from October 12nd to October 19th 2015.